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Your Design Process

Bring your idea to life with my help

Meeting with client at LeaF

Step 1
Free Consultation

We will meet with you, online or on the phone, to discuss your idea and explain how we can help you.

Step 2
Designing Process

Now that you decided to start the process, we can: 

  • Create your design

  • Define the materials

  • Define the fit and measurements

  • Define size runs

  • Start a "tech pack" (technical package) for your product

LeaF's designing tools
LeaF's pattern making tools

Step 3
Sample Development

Now that you approved your initial "tech pack" we can develop the actual product. 

  • We will create the first pattern and the first sample on a similar material as the final product

  • We will discuss the fit and run up to 2 revisions to achieve the final sample and final pattern.

Step 4

Now that your final sample was approved, if required, we will create all the sizes 

your customer needs. 

The final pattern will be digitized and graded into all the sizes planned.

LeaF's grading process
LeaF's production

Final Step

Now that we have patterns for all the sizes we need, we can manufacturer your product.

We can produce small batches right here in our studio in Tennesse. 

Small batches are a minimum of 12 products per style, per color but 

different sizes as needed.

For very large quantities we will help you choose one of our ethical manufacturer partners in USA.

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