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Lea F designer at Studio LeaF


I am Lea the creator of Studio LeaF and my brand LeaF. I am eager to hear from you to discuss how I can help your brand. 

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My Story

I am Lea Fialho, the creator of Studio LeaF. My label, LeaF, is a fusion of my first name and the first letter of my last name.

Although I attended schooll in Brazil, where I am from, my professional experience in the fashion industry is in USA. I have worked as a hands-on designer, pattern maker and master tailor, and I have also owned my boutique and created my clothing line.

For 8 years, I worked for the renowned clothing retailer Brooks Brothers. There I was entrusted with a variety of roles, from overseeing the made-to-measure suit manufacturing process (including "hands-on", creating each pattern) to teaching associates all aspects of made-to-mesaure suits, at many Brooks Brothers stores. Between the factory and the stores, I gained firsthand knowledge of the entire clothing manufacturing process and an in-depth knowledge of the industry that I knew would serve me well in future endeavors. 

In 2018 I re-created my brand LeaF, of clothing and bags, that has been evolving through lots of feedback from customers. 

In 2021, I decided to open my studio to help other brands bring their own design to life. I know how difficult it is to find manufacturers for small quantites, I experienced that with my brand.


Now I offer products that can be customized for your brand or I can help you execute your idea, on similar segment of clothing and bags. Just contact me to start the process. I can create a tech pack, a pattern, a sample and manufacturer your product. Small batches are very welcome. If it is larger I use my ethical manufacturer partners.

My work revolves around sustainability and I am constantly looking for ways to make it more sustainable every day in every aspect.  Sustainability is a way of life, we all must do our part.

I love to create timeless and high quality pieces. I strongly believe that when we love the products we buy we will use them for its entire lifespan, minimizing waste. I rather have one item that I love and utilize a lot, then ten that I barely use and donate sooner than later. This is sustainability at its best!

Whether you decide to customize my products for your brand or let me help you with your own design, let's work together. I personally design and created every piece and they are proudly manufactured right here in the USA. 

Do not hesitate to contact me, I love helping my customers!


Enjoy everything you do and always be thankful.

Lea F.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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